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A ScottsdaleTrails veteran reader forwarded me a link this morning to the Yelp review page for Shawn Yari’s W Hotel, epitome of Bar District lodging (i.e., ridiculously-priced for ho-hum amenities and customer service). I can’t imagine living anywhere within a half-mile of it (or anywhere else in the Bar District…fortunately, I’m just outside that radius), let alone having to stay at the W overnight. The mental images drawn by some of the reviews are…vivid.

A few years ago, some neighbors wanted a night away from the kids and booked a room at Indigo in the same vicinity. I’ll never forget their complaints about being kept awake by the clacking of the “ladies’ high heels” (I use the term “ladies” loosely) on the wooden hallway floors outside their door all night long.

At the risk of a SLAPP-suit, I’ll agree with other Bar District critics that Yari and his fellow bar owners (yes, Yari has stake in many of the properties in the Bar District), along with the politicians they’ve leased on the Scottsdale City Council, really have turned what was once an area known for respectable nightlife, into a Las Vegas-style cesspool. I’m a little surprised that the folks who post negative reviews on Yelp (i.e., the ones who aren’t shills) didn’t check out the previous reviews BEFORE booking a room at the W.

I’m really surprised that Starwood continues to tolerate Yari’s brand erosion. Maybe Yari is putting Starwood-labeled earplugs on the pillows next to the chocolates.


There are plenty of other hotels in Downtown Scottsdale outside the thump-radius of the Bar District. Most of them are much more reasonable in price, too.

I will admit, however, that I concur with multiple reviews that included praise for Sushi Roko. I used to go there often for lunch, and at least the last time I went it was–as always–pretty good eats at reasonable (at least at lunch) prices. Surprisingly, it’s pretty quiet at lunchtime, so you can even have a conversation or business meeting over lunch. Just make sure you park down the street since valet will jack up the cost of the meal.

Here are the reviews. Enjoy!


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