The Night Before Voting

Twas the night before voting
and all through the town
dark forces scurried to keep the vote down.

Ignorance, apathy, and anonymous checks
Working together with sold-out PR flacks.

If you got a mailer from a group you don’t know,
which never existed before this big show,
One thing should be abundantly sure:
Their intent isn’t pure and their purpose not yours.

Campaign mailers are no substitute
For your own common sense
And getting involved ‘stead of sitting the fence.

When it’s all over, for better or worse
Some will lament and some will just curse.

But what have you done to make yourself smarter?
Observed City Council or looked at our Charter?
Reviewed our masterful General Plan?
All public documents easily at-hand.

Your civic involvement should be more than one day a year.
Lest your voting investment be wasted, I fear,
Elected officials, their cronies and friends,
Will steal your tax dollars till voting again.

The least you could do is just keep on reading.
ScottsdaleTrails: it’s all that you’re needing!

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