Civil Dishonesty

I was copied on an email today from a citizen warning about a proposed Scottsdale real estate development that intends to displace a number of senior citizens. How many times have I heard this before? Let me count them…no, not really.

Here’s my reply:

The developers of projects like this wouldn’t pursue them if they weren’t almost certain to get away with it.

This developer will undoubtedly ask for zoning concessions; ie, relief from laws that were put in place to protect existing residents…to protect community character, quality of life, and property values for those of us who live here.

And he’ll get what he wants because those who claim to “protect our safe and clean neighborhoods” (First listed priority, Dennis Robbins campaign mailer received today, 31 Oct 2014) have convincingly lied to the citizens to get elected, and then consistently voted the other way on projects like this.

Even worse: “Priorities for Scottsdale: [#1] Protect our historic neighborhoods and unique communities” (Linda Milhaven campaign mailer 15 Oct 2014).

Linda Milhaven and Dennis Robbins (along with Mayor Jim Lane, council members Suzanne Klapp, and Virginia Korte) have NEVER voted FOR a neighborhood and AGAINST zoning concessions for adjacent development when their votes would have really mattered. Blue Sky, Solis, Optima Sonoran Village, Los Aguas, Mark Taylor at SkySong, Reata Ranch, Broadstone…and that’s just what I can name in one breath.

I had to laugh today when I got the “Scottsdale United” dark money mailer which proudly proclaimed that Milhaven and Robbins (along with Jennifer Petersen) “signed a civility statement for council behavior,” and implied that their opponents don’t support civility. I guess technically speaking, honesty isn’t a requirement for civility.

I should point out, too, that “civility” isn’t the brainchild of this city council, the “Scottsdale Leadership” organization, or any other johnny-come-lately individual or group. It’s in Scottsdale’s General Plan. The citizen-ratified, organic law, 2001 General Plan, right in the Community Involvement vision statement:

City processes will be characterized by deliberation, dialogue, and thoughtful, respectful discussion, followed by collaboration for informed decisions and creative solutions.

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    1. I suggest you start with the General Plan, then the zoning code, the city council agenda item via which the development standards were amended for extra height and density, the SkySong meeting minutes which document promises made that there would be NO residential component at SkySong.

  1. So the trio of Dark Money Darlings are being civil, but nobody else is? Ha ha! So Mr. Washington if I go to your home and say – Hello Mr. Washington. You have a nice home here. Looks very nice. Nice family. OK get the dozer and blade it to the ground – That is the civility code of those three? Why let me see, why yes it is! Civility code and Dark Money DON’T work together.

    Scottsdale has so many senior citizens, just be nice to them, but still throw them out and rebuild for ‘new Scottsdale.’ That is civility code in action. Dark Money loves the civility, but can’t read the General Plan. How selective of them. Well of course Millhaven and Robbins have never used it either to guide their votes, heck that would be against their code. Sorry, what code? Dark Money makes you responsible and a servant to those who fund you, not the voters.

    I know Klapp and Korte don’t use it either, it is just one of those annoyances the voters made up. Heck, you would think the Mayor would say something one of these days. I know that would mean he is trying to help the Darlings with their jobs, and we can’t have that. We darn voters, why do want things like – responsible development, preserving neighborhoods, and the like.

    I have read the General Plan, and it is quite easy to follow, but as you stated it has the civility code in it. I know it is not a new idea, but any ‘Johnny Come way later’ has issues with it. Why? Does it not allow them to ravage our city to their liking? Too bad! The voters decided what the city is to look like, NOT them.

    After going to the McDowell Road Revitalization meetings, I can see why Dark Money Darlings get in power and stay there. There is this entire mangled clockwork of people who blindly follow, never question, just follow.

    I think it is time the citizens make the city work for us, and not have us work for the city. Of course, that means I am using logic and facts, which got me the chastised. I was told to leave the planet. Not happening, but nice to know that is how my city employees think of me. The civility code is not that widespread in distribution I guess.

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