“Jennifer Petersen is Bad for Scottsdale”

I was copied on this letter-to-the-editor at the Scottsdale Republic, Chris Coppola, who appears to be sandbagging on publishing it. I wonder why.

Author Christine Schild has exactly the same qualifications as Petersen, but clearly a much different perspective on the role of the school board as well as its effectiveness during Petersen’s tenure.

Jennifer Petersen is bad for Scottsdale

While serving on the Scottsdale School Board, Jennifer Petersen was a rubber stamp for the administration, approving measures that siphoned money away from the classroom. Her failed policies brought the District to its financial knees. This year (two years after her term ended), the District added early release for elementary schools every Wednesday to make up for the unprecedented two-time loss of its Maintenance and Operations override.

After her overwhelming defeat two years ago in the Republican primary for State House of Representatives, Petersen is looking to join Scottsdale’s City Council. Before now, she has not been involved in City politics. She has no real idea how the City actually works. Moreover, she is allied with individuals who want to change the character of Scottsdale, which may negatively affect tourism by altering the City’s unique character.

Scottsdale residents do not need Petersen’s free spending ways and rubber stamp approval of whatever the administration places on the agenda.

Christine Schild
Former Scottsdale School Board Member and President

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