Gannett Restructuring at the Republic, AGAIN

I’m astonished to learn that corporate owner Gannett’s has more restructuring in store for the ‘Arizona Republic’ (from the Phoenix Business Journal). They almost don’t publish a newspaper at all these days, and frequently bloggers and national newspapers like the Washington Post run very detailed stories on Scottsdale happenings that never get ink AT ALL in the Republic.

After the reporters were told last year that they were going to have to go to Starbucks to work over their free wifi, now PBJ is reporting that remaining employees will have to reapply for their jobs.

I wonder if the editors, publishers, and beancounters put MORE emphasis on reporting real news instead of cutting the folks who are supposed to be writing and publishing that news, if they’d see renewed success. I think their business model at this point is to keep changing format and their website until no one can figure it out, and cut personnel until there’s nothing left. Sad.

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  1. John,

    Plus they just raised my subscription another $10! If the morning paper wasn’t such a habit with me, I would dump it. Maybe if they replaced people like Montini, Benson, and Valdez along with their stale repetitive liberal views it would help. I look for USA Today to become even more prominent in the Republic than it is now as a cost saving measure in nothing else.

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