Another Life-Altering Bar District Injury

A ScottsdaleTrails reader alerted me to this Scottsdale Police Department report about yet another serious golf-cart-related injury. No amount of regulation can anticipate all the stupid things people will do when attracted to an area where, by definition and zoning, normal behavior is no longer the norm:

The driver was operating his golf cart westbound on Indian School Road with the 23-year-old male passenger in the back seat. After passing 64th St, the rear passenger either jumped or fell from the golf cart, striking his head on a hard surface.

[The passenger] received serious head injuries and was transported to Scottsdale Healthcare-Osborn. He remains in very serious condition. It is believed that the seriously injured man was intoxicated when he fell or jumped from the golf cart. Westbound Indian School was closed for 3.5 hours while Vehicular Crimes and Reconstruction Unit (VCRU) Detectives gathered evidence for the investigation.

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  1. I saw one golf cart driving on Drinkwater Bl., just south of Indian School Rd., during a big event one day. It was carrying 9 people, including 4 grade school age children on the back, who were so crowded, they were overlapping each other. Another time, as I was trying to get to the ER at Scottsdale Healthcare to see my mother who had been admitted, a golf cart was driving much too slow on Miller Rd. north of Oak St. I needed to make a turn, but they were blocking the way. They kept yelling for me to go around, which would have meant illegally crossing the double yellow lines AND making my turn from the wrong side of the road! They kept yelling, and started harassing me and making fun of my glasses, of all things, DRIVER INCLUDED! I yelled out the window I was trying to get to the hospital, but the harassing and blocking just continued. These were men in their late 20s or early 30s, out drunk and partying, driving between 2 schools and a park, in a residential area.

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