Auerbach on…Nothing

Micheal Auerbach is running for Scottsdale City Council because…he wants to be on City Council. And he’s mumbled up a few nice soundbites to convince you to vote for him.

Unfortunately, he has even less track record of real involvement in our important issues than David Smith. Which puts him neck-and-neck with Jennifer Petersen and a half-step behind Bill Crawford.

Auerbach’s statement about wanting to work with Mayor Jim Lane and the others on the Council to “oppose sweetheart deals.” I’d like to hear some specifics, and whether he opposes taxpayer funded subsidies championed by Lane to professional golfers, and to a polo match promoted by Lane’s PR manager Jason Rose.

Here’s Auerbach’s candidate statement, as published in the Scottsdale Independent:

Michael Auerbach: Why I’m running for Scottsdale council

I live in Scottsdale and run my business here. There isn’t any place on Earth as special as our city.

That is why I am running.

I don’t belong to any of the various factions that seem to always be bickering and fighting for control. I’m an outsider and I’m running to ensure that someone on Scottsdale City Council is putting Scottsdale first.

I hope you will visit my website at to read more about me and my proposals, but I want to give you some of the highlights here:

  • I want to encourage high-tech, high-wage employers to come to Scottsdale.
  • I want to see McDowell Road redeveloped and turned into a proper showcase for our city.
  • I oppose sweetheart deals and want to work with our Mayor and the City Council to level the playing field and bring the right kind of economic growth to Scottsdale.
  • I want to keep our city safe by providing our public safety officers and first responders with the equipment and training they need and a salary to ensure that we’re being taken care of by the best people.

While some of my opponents seem to be more concerned with serving the unions, my concern is for the rank and file members and the taxpayers who pay their salaries.

I am also concerned about our quality of life. Our way of life needs to be well-managed and defended.

Housing growth needs to be balanced and must respect the nature of the communities in which the growth is occurring.

Most of all, we need to treat each other with respect and put what is best for our city ahead of personal or political agendas. I ask for your vote.

I promise to serve honorably, and to always have an open door.

Editor’s note: Mr. Auerbach is a candidate for Scottsdale City Council at the August primary

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  1. Auerbach was asked with other council candidates if any had graduated from Scottsdale leadership. He indicated that he graduated from Scottsdale government 101 which was similar to Scottsdale leadership.. I don’t think so………………………

    How long did Auerbach serve on the Neighborhood commission???

    8 people running for 3 council positions – It will be interesting to see who says what between now and our August election.

  2. If you go to his page, you get what he really wants. It is NOT good in my opinion. My short summary…I am sorry I gave his page a view

    1 – Redevelop McDowell to get business….apparently small business.
    2 – Support police and fire – Not the union (because they are evil or something) – Pension reform…hard sell (just ask the city of Phoenix)
    3 – No free money – by using free money – Huh? Read that a few times…
    4 – Keep our city’s AAA credit score – Who is going to run by saying tank the city’s credit rating.
    5 – Apartments for Millennial’s! – Ah nobody wants a everywhere….(so when did Scottsdale become filled with just Millennial’s?)
    6 – Advocate for rights for the people in Northern and downtown Scottsdale (Hey! Did he just forget a part of Scottsdale there? Did I just lose my property rights? I need to call someone, do my neighbors know about this?)

    So us people in South Scottsdale get the apartments (and bars) and NOTHING but APARTMENTS (and the bars)…..oh we don’t get property right either? Oh by the way it was not called the Magnificent Mile buddy, it was called the MOTOR MILE. Look I would rather vote for a dirty diaper that this guy…sorry you just lost my vote FOREVER.

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