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Darlene Petersen and Mark Stevens made a couple of very good public comments at last night’s City Council meeting on the state of citizen involvement in Scottsdale and the dysfunction in the city court. Watch the video beginning at about 9 minutes into the meeting.


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  1. Thank you for posting this. I admire Darlene Peterson and Marc Stevens for their attempts to get the attention of the city council for two very important matters.
    As for Darlene’s comments, she is so right that the city council just brushed off the matter of the four resignations despite attempts by John Washington and myself in requesting that Lauren Molevar, the culprit of the GPTF problems, be asked to resign. The council obviously took no action and just let the four who tried to make it evident that bullying and abuse in public meetings are not acceptable.

    As for Marc Steven’s comments, I believe he has made correct assumptions about the collusion between the prosecutor’s office and the city court. I have evidence too and can not get any cooperation from Bruce Washburn. He defends his prosecutors office at all costs despite the injustice his prosecutor office has caused me and the tax payers of Scottsdale. The citizens of Scottsdale need to request an investigation of Mr. Washburn and his prosecutor’s office.

  2. I applaud Marc Stevens for having the courage to speak out for what he perceives as a corrupt Scottsdale Court system. Others throughout the years have aired their grievances at city council meetings but city court judges in Scottsdale have a history of being reappointed with little if any opposition. City employees in senior positions tend to serve for long periods of time, candidates for top positions tend to be hired from within and this creates an aura, image and perception of entrenchment, a “good ole boy” network that protects the status quo, and the feeling of small town politics coming from a mid-size city.

    The links below are another example of a citizen’s negative experience with the Scottsdale court system. If “victims” of unfair treatment by the court came together and shared their experiences via social or alternative media, perhaps the city council would take note.

  3. I don’t know SCritic and believe my complaint about city court and prosecutor’s office has more validity than this guy 4409. When the city prosecutor believes a crazy person with no justification for her lies and perjury over an honest person who is innocent, then one has to question the common sense not just the legal capabilities of the prosecutor’s office. What does this city have to gain to waste thousands of dollars to persecute innocent people with unjust and unlawful prosecution? Does the prosecutor’s office just need work? Is it the responsibility of the citizens to provide money to the city’s uncivil prosecutor’s office? Investigation into Bruce Washburn’s prosecutor’s office needs to be done. Why does Washburn have such a difficult time admitting that his prosecutor’s office can not determine who is honest and who is lying. What does a person have to do to get investigation of wasted court time and wasted prosecutor’s time? Who is responsible for Mr. Washburn’s dysfunction and cover up?

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