Chamber has 1200 Members?

I saw a press release this morning in which Rick Kidder, CEO of the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, claims that his Chamber has “1200 member companies.”

I think that’s a lie. I believe that among other things, Mr. Kidder is dishonestly including in that number the contact list of the recently-imploded North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, which the Area Chamber bought for undisclosed compensation to Loren Molever and Joe Galli.

Further, I believe most of those members had abandoned the North Chamber, and won’t renew their membership with the Area Chamber.

The press release goes on to cite the Area Chamber’s “Values of Excellence, Stewardship, Integrity, Vision, Inclusiveness and Courage.” Dishonesty about their membership numbers doesn’t do much to bolster their assertion of “integrity.” Makes me wonder why anyone would want to join such an organization, let alone brag about it.

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  1. Wow, that is an interesting allegation. Molever and Galli were paid for the members of NSCC. NSCC members were invited to transfer their membership to Scottsdale Chamber. It would be interesting to know how many actually transferred their membership. I would assume that those who’s membership was about to terminate many not have accepted the invitation. Those who had recently paid their membership probably transferred over or their membership fees would be wasted.

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