Let Me Apologize for the Noise

A ScottsdaleTrails reader copied me on some correspondence about noise complaints to a local venue. I thought the response from the venue was astonishingly frank and apologetic. I thought you would enjoy it, too.

Let me apologize to you and your neighbors for the intrusion from yesterday’s event at [our facility]. Please know that this was a one time rental, to an outside company, and this event, or any like it, will not be returning to [our facility]. All of my staff now realize this event was not a fit for our venue, and we all feel quite badly about the problems it caused in the neighborhoods.

When we plan out events here, we always do try and take the neighborhoods into consideration, and we realize, that we failed badly this weekend, in that vein.

We have one concert planned for inside [our facility], in 2014, our annual July 3rd, Independence Day Concert, with Fireworks. We have our smaller food festivals, that we have had since year 1 here, such as Food Truck -Street Eats, AZ Taco Fest, etc., planned also… These events end by about 6 or 7 pm, and we have very small music stages, with little amplification. I don’t believe these have been a nuisance to the neighborhood.

Please know that we will not ever bring a large scale music fest, to the outside of [our facility] again, ever, I promise. It was a one time event, that we know, has no future here.

Happy to discuss further, thank you.

Where in Scottsdale is this facility that cares so much about the adjoining Scottsdale neighborhoods?

It’s not in Scottsdale.

Here’s the signature block:

Dave Dunne
General Manager, Salt River Fields Manager
Spring Training Operations
480-278-8937 tel:480-278-8937

Thank YOU, Mr. Dunne, for setting an example for Scottsdale City Government to follow.

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  1. Wow … admitting a “mistake.” Good for Mr. Dunne. Class Act.

    And thanks for posting it, Scottsdale Trails.

  2. I love the tribe. With Butterfly Wonderland, the Aquarium which is coming, plus more restaurants and other attractions that will be in Odysea, Scottsdale better get on the ball. They talk a lot, the tribe acts.

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