WestWorld Food, Booze, and Marketing

The Scottsdale City Council majority voted last night to execute the, “WestWorld Food and Alcohol License and Marketing Agreement and Monterra Food and Alcohol License Agreement.”

Scottsdale businessman Fred Unger will receive the benefits of probably the worst contract ever entered into by the City of Scottsdale (yes, even worse than that enjoyed by the Scottsdale Cultural Council).

This should have been at least three and possibly six different contracts, they should have been put out for public bid, and they should have been restricted to a much shorter term.

This is bad business, and probably illegal under Arizona state procurement laws.

My comments are at time index 1:13:30 in the meeting video.

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  1. I agree completely to stop funding Westworld development. This is as ignorant as continuing jeep tours as a “jobs” program, or spending city money on Greasewoods Flat.

    Westworld reduce’s revenue’s to the City and furthers the destruction of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve revenue contribution to tourism. Monterra is a joke as are the rock concerts and fireworks shows.

    I’ve given the City Council a proposal which creates over +2,000 jobs and +$200 Million in new annual revenue.

    It is absurd to give contracts to people who have accomplished nothing at Westworld for over 10 years.

    The goldmine of tourism in Scottsdale is the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and what is left of the very few wildlife…not Westworld, the DDC or building resorts and highrises on the borders of the Preserve.

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