Quote of the Day: Walking in the Rain

On a rainy day in the desert…


Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.

Roger Miller, the “King of the Road,” 1936-1992, American singer and songwriter.

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  1. Ah, yes, Roger Miller. I remember him well. Then there was Johnny Ray in the 50’s singing “Just Walking in the Rain.”

    My favorite “rain” song is from 1961 by Dee Clark (1938-1990): “Raindrops.”

    It was number one when I left Cincinnati for the Air Force in ’61. I had to leave a girlfriend behind and was feeling pretty sad about it.

    Hmmmmm…..I was so in love with her that I can’t remember her name. LOL

  2. Raining, 2000 foot ceilings and below 50 for 2 days. Best 2 days since March for a hike in the Preserve with the dogs. Resurrection ferns went into full bloom overnight. Green as far as one can see if you know where they are.

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