Bond Despondent 2

And the hits just keep coming!

…every Real estate professional understands that property values go up as infra structure is maintained, and best schools are vital to neighborhood values. What is there to be surprised that Realtors were behind this.

We are all doing just fine in Scottsdale.. This was not about the cost or just because property taxes were going to rise slightly… This is from a strong ideologie [sic], that resents government, distrusts government so much that they can’t allow future projects to go forward.

There are problems with our council and mayor, that’s what elections are about. As a Democrat, I am nervous about projects getting approved, hopefully, we can win some elections within Scottsdale.

Vista del Camino does good work for the needy. I plan to pitch in.

Every real estate professional ALSO knows that as property taxes go up, property values decline.

The Realtors (Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors) only campaigned in favor of the city bonds. SAAR didn’t lift a finger for the school override. Maybe they should have spent some of their $100k+ on promoting properly funded schools. And maybe the writer (who is a Realtor) ought to criticize THEM, instead of those who opposed the city bonds but supported the school override.

“Vista del Camino does some good work for the needy. I plan to pitch in.” So, pitch in already and stop talking about it.

Clearly the writer doesn’t realize that Scottsdale’s mayor and council majority have consistently cut funding for social services and programs like the Paiute Neighborhood Center after-school programs, the downtown senior center (they sold the property to their friends at Scottsdale Healthcare for 1/3 of its assessed value), and the senior meals program.

The real problem in Scottsdale isn’t the mayor and council. It’s uninformed, ignorant voters like this woman, who have no clue what’s going on around them…and yet criticize others for being ‘ideologues’ who are better informed and more involved.

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