Sandy Schenkat on the Bonds

This appeared in yesterday’s Scottsdale Republic.

Too many questions surround bond; push vote until 2014

The Arizona Republic presented a stimulating debate between Wayne Ecton and John Gulick and City Council members Bob Littlefield and Guy Phillips on Oct. 12 at Granite Reef Senior Center. Speculation on the large contribution by the National Association of Realtors was brought to the attention of the audience.

In a recent Scottsdale Republic arti­cle by Beth Duckett it was noted that $86,000 was contributed from the NAR to the Scottsdale’s Quality of Life pro­bond fund. An additional $14,000 was paid by Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors.

On Oct. 25, City Attorney Bruce Wash­burn determined this campaign financing to be illegal. Now, SAAR is subject to (potential) fines of $258,000. It appears that the Realtors’ association is trying to sway Scottsdale citizens to vote for the bond through robocalls and mailings.

There were over 20 past presidents of SAAR and concerned citizens protesting SAAR involvement Oct. 28 on Scottsdale Road. As Littlefield has inferred, the taxpayers are being asked to give the city an open checkbook to do what it wants because the projects are not prioritized.

Just prior to watching the City Coun­cil meeting on cable Channel 11, I watched the 5-minute and 25-second video produced by the city to educate the viewers about the bond issue.

In my opinion, the video promotes the bond issue and I question the legal­ity of the video.

Certainly, most residents want to keep Scottsdale special and are willing to pay their fair share of taxes to keep our city up to par, but it appears there are too many behind-the-scenes scenarios going on to sway the voters.

Scottsdale is a great place to live and most of the government officials appear to have what’s best for the city in their hearts. A no vote is necessary now and these bond issues should be ad­dressed on the 2014 ballot.

Sandy Schenkat is a resident of Scottsdale.

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