Tom Mason on the Bonds and the Realtors

Tom Mason sent this to me today.


The Scottsdale Association of Realtors [SAAR] community involvement efforts have always been a source of pride to our members.  However, times must be changing.

In the past year, the SAAR Board of Directors decided to no longer sponsor events such as Constitution Day for the Scottsdale School children.  This event kept the US Constitution in the forefront of the students by having them compete– whether it was  writing an essay about the Constitution or designing a poster commemorating the event. Winners were selected and several winners received all expense paid trips to Washington D.C.

The SAAR Board also decided to withdraw sponsorship of “STAAR Night” a major fundraising event whose proceeds provide temporary financial assistance to Realtors who have fallen on hard times.  These decisions would lead one to believe the association has itself fallen upon hard times.

However, to then turn around and allocate $14,000 from your dues paying members and acquire another $86,000 from the National Association of Realtors to promote a pro-property tax  ballot measure on the citizens of Scottsdale is unconscionable.

Tom Mason, Past President (2004), SAAR

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