A Realtor on the Bonds and Politics

I was copied on this letter to the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors.


I am embarrassed after 32 years to be a member of Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors [SAAR]. With the way the organization is being run now–with the tail wagging the dog–you should be embarrassed, too.

Since when do you have the National Association of Realtors [NAR] calling SAAR members and encouraging them to vote a certain way? What did you promise them [bond proponents] for this kind of one-sided backing? What happened to the symposiums where BOTH sides of an issue were discussed so that members could make up their own minds?

Shame on you. I am a past Realtor of the Year and I spent 6 years on the SAAR Board of Directors. I sat on Governmental Affairs for years and it was our committee that NAR held up to other associations as the standard for all. We, in a way, put SAAR on the map.

All I have seen lately is the association clueless as to how to handle situations that occur. Telling people how to vote is one of them.

Spending $100k on the bond issue? Seriously? It is certainly making Realtors look bad to the public wanting to know what benefit SAAR (or PAR or SEVRAR) is getting for the backing.

And by the way, I have seen “Yes” advocates (and I am not saying I am one of them or not) picking up the “Vote No signs.” I have complained to Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane about it.

And by the way, if SAAR wasn’t so convenient to where I live, this is enough to make me change my Board of Choice.

Jobi Rosen, Scottsdale

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  1. I want to thank Jobi for addressing this issue. I respect what she has to say. I do want to add that the Vote No sign on the corner of Chaparral and Pima has been removed at least a couple of times but the Yes vote sign remains. I double if Jim Lane will take a stand on the removal of the signs.

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