Realtors on the Bonds

In addition to their push-polling (advocacy phone calls disguised as a poll), the formerly politically-neutral Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors has released this message, presumably only to their membership.

Scottsdale has not had a significant infrastructure bond election in 13 Years!!  If you look at your home, your kids or yourself…you know a lot can change in that amount of time.  Our important infrastructure is wearing out, and even if you can’t see the damage, the wear and the tear, it is there.

We all know that communities that are safe, clean and efficient are communities where people want to live, visit, buy homes, operate businesses and raise families.

Without community re-investment we will have a mess, a mess that will not go away and one that will only cost more to fix if we wait.

We have already invested in our communities.  To let them deteriorate would create an irresponsible mess.  Potholes, traffic jams, flooded living rooms, poor police and fire response times and unsafe conditions in our public facilities do not make for a high-quality or high value community.

So the message seems to be that we should borrow a quarter of a billion dollars because:

  1. We haven’t borrowed money for long time.
  2. City government has neglected infrastructure, so we should trust them with MORE tax money to take care of it.
  3. We all know neglected infrastructure impacts quality of life, but we never noticed it before and didn’t do anything to address it until now.

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