Guy on the Bonds

From Scottsdale City Councilman Guy Phillips:


Fellow Scottsdale Citizens,

I have re-opened my newsletter to let you know about the upcoming bond election.

A brief history will tell you that a group of Chamber of Commerce-backed businesses, construction companies, and a few token residents known as the Bond Task Force compiled a list of projects that the city should undertake in order to enhance the city and fix portions of our infrastructure.

This list was whittled down to 43 items to put on the upcoming bond election totaling over $212 million dollars.

The Bond Task Force, when questioned at a council meeting, admitted that only 7 projects really needed to be done, but went on to claim the others were also important.

You will be receiving a ballot sample book in the mail which tells of all the projects, grouped into 4 questions. There are also arguments in the pamphlet “for” and “against” the bonds.. Please notice the “for” arguments are from those who will directly profit from the bonds passing.

Remember the $200 million bond to upgrade our schools a couple years ago? They were compiled and pushed by the developers and construction companies who got the contracts to build the new facilities. This is no different. While there is some projects in this new city bond that you might think would be good for Scottsdale, here’s the kicker:

If the bonds are passed, all the projects will go back to the Scottsdale City Council, and they will decide what gets funded and what doesn’t.

I can guarantee that what you want is not on their list. What is on their list are projects that directly benefit themselves and generate profit for their cronies; and using you, the taxpayer, to pay for them.

That is why I am sending out this newsletter, and urgently asking for your support to fight this monstrosity of a property tax which will last for the next 25 years.

We need your help raising funds to oppose this money grab by purchasing mailers, signs, pamphlets, robo-calls, ads, and whatever we can to get out the message.

Please help with ANY amount you can by going to

Guy Phillips
Scottsdale City Council

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