South Scottsdale Dissed Again

This letter appeared in Your Views in this morning’s Scottsdale Republic:

South Scottsdale dissed again

South Scottsdale’s future is not in its residents’ hands. They don’t attend meetings because their input is never heeded, their opinions are belittled and their needs are ignored or trivialized.

Regarding this new Scottsdale Gate­way Alliance that has been formed, none of my neighbors has heard any­thing about it.

My assumption is that these are not average residents but rather a careful­ly crafted alliance of individuals who will further the vision that city leaders have for this area rather than the vi­sion of the residents who call it home.

To suggest that this is the first group of people who have ever attempted to better south Scottsdale is a slap in the face to all those residents who have fought to keep their neighborhoods well-maintained and blight-free.

Patti Dodds, Scottsdale

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