Hidden Letters to the Editor: Bar District and Transportation

These appeared in the Scottsdale Republic this morning under Your Views in the Opinions section.


‘Entertainment’ district?

It was good news that there has been an arrest in the latest stabbing in Scottsdale’s “entertainment” district.

How entertaining can it be when such outrageous behaviors are a part of the scene? Mayor Jim Lane’s ordinance proposes the mandatory hiring of off­-duty police officers if there are a given number of offenses in a three-month period. Really? How can any number be allowed, ever? As for Martini Ranch, the premises should be closed until metal detectors have been installed, and the welcome mat for thugs has been pulled up.

Johanna Elliott, Chandler

New city branding warranted

Since our current and past city coun­cils have approved so many changes in local construction rules and codes, we have had many new unusual buildings, such as the very tall Waterfront Tow­ers, the silly tent on McDowell Road, the two huge ship-like buildings on Chaparral, the stark Safari condos and the two ultra-modern Optima projects, with several other projects in progress.

Not a single thing “Western” about any of them!

It seems that it is time to get a new, appropriate slogan for our fair city.

“The West’s Most Western Town” no longer fills the bill. While it is charming and wistful, it certainly is no longer apt! Our citizens surely don’t feel very “Western.” When is the last time you’ve seen a bolo tie or a cowboy hat and boots on a gentleman in our stores, bars or restaurants?

Sadly, Rawhide is gone and Reata Pass appears to be going, too. And there’s nothing “Western” about the proposed Museum of the West but its name! So, I respectfully propose that our council or maybe the Chamber of Commerce sponsor a contest to pick an appropriate new nickname for our city.

Patricia Dooher, Scottsdale

Security proposal falls short

As a 55-year resident of Scottsdale, I have been concerned about how the saturation of bars and clubs have turned downtown into a place that me and my family are prevented from visiting. I have a copy of Mayor Lane’s proposal for correcting the crime in the district. Bill Crawford’s recently pub­lished op-ed is right on point — $1,000 and $5,000 fines are a joke. Businesses can pay them out of petty cash. Hiring another off-duty cop or two won’t do it.

I don’t find any place in the ordinance about how businesses can be closed down. The only thing these bar owners will understand is being shut down. We had a very nice town at one time. I am ashamed of what Scottsdale is becom­ing.

Robert Szoradi, Scottsdale

Transit needs are east-west, too

At last we have Becky Fenger’s ex­pert, fact-based opinion concerning rapid transit in Scottsdale. How long will it take for all so-called experts, including Scottsdale’s top leadership, to learn and understand that Scottsdale is a north-south oriented city? Focusing on those major alignments does not help those who must travel daily east and west.

Michael Di Cerbo, Scottsdale

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  1. In a phone conversation this morning, Michael Di Cerbo cited his experiences living in Geneva and in Hong Kong where bus services were highly effective and pleasurable to use. I see on Wikipedia that Geneva’s public transit system also includes “tramways” which look like light rail systems, but only for specific routes and not in a fashion that cannibalizes bus services; for example, services up into the mountains as you might see with an cable tramway like in Albuquerque or Palm Springs.

  2. John,

    In addition to the above I’m sure you saw that John Berry has been at work again and we will be getting 135 more apartments built by the Valley Ho.

    What a magic wand that guy waves!

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