Pickett’s Charge

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the decisive third day of the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, culminating with the defeat of Confederate Major General George Pickett’s Charge up Cemetery Ridge.

There were actually three divisions totaling about 12,500 men, under Pickett, Brigadier General J. Johnston Pettigrew, and Major General Isaac R. Trimble, with Lt General James Longstreet the overall commander. At the end of the day, Pickett, Johnston, and Trimble had suffered 50% casualties, and the South would never again invade the North.

Along with the surrender of Vicksburg, Gettysburg is generally considered to be the turning point in the war.

Union Army Chaplain Winfield Scott–for whom the City of Scottsdale was named–observed this infantry assault and recalled it in his address, “PICKETT’S CHARGE AS SEEN FROM THE FRONT LINE.”

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  1. John,

    Thanks for the timely resurrection of this recollection from Chaplain Scott. Truly a thought provoking piece. You have done us all a service by reminding us of the investment and sacrifice required to build these United States.

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