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Yesterday I had the privilege of greeting the return of an Honor Flight Arizona trip to Washington DC. On-board were three of my favorite guys: Wayne Kirby (USAF veteran); Mike Moore (US Army Reserve veteran); and Jim Campana (USCG, WWII).


Wayne and Mike accompanied Jim and the other WWII veterans on this trip as “guardians,” to visit our nations capitol:

Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization created solely to honor America‚Äôs WWII veterans for all their sacrifices. We transport our heroes to Washington, D.C. to reflect and be honored at their memorials…Now, with 1500 World War II veterans dying each day nationwide, our time to express our thanks to these brave men and women is running out.


Thanks to Southwest Airlines TLC Program (which provides free airfare for the WWII veterans for this program) and all the other sponsors, as well as the organizers and volunteers of Honor Flight. You can do your part, too.

Please take a moment at the beginning of this holiday weekend to visit Honor Flight Arizona’s website and honor a veteran. Memorial Day was established to honor those who died in service to our country, but those who served are all around us still. Perhaps you have one in your family, or maybe you’d just like to thank all our veterans.

Honor Flight Arizona


Honor Flight, The Movie

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  1. 25 of mty 8th graders, 2 other teachers and myself visited the capital last week. The most outstanding memory I have of our visit was the moment when the WWII veterans came into the Rotunda. We all stopped and applauded the heros in our midst, but as I extended my hand to one of them and thanked hinm for his service, his amazing reply “It was a priviledge” brought tears to my eyes. That wasn’t the end of it. WHen a student asked me who they were their response astonded me. my students then began to shake thier hands without any prompting, and thanking them for their service. WE would love to have one of them speak at our little school in Crum, WV. Thank you so much for bringing them to DC.

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