Hidden Letters to the Editor: Myers on Phillips

Councilman Phillips is doing exactly what supporters expect

A recent Scottsdale Republic edito­rial criticizing Councilman Guy Phillips for not recognizing prop­erty rights was not only inappropriate, it was dead wrong. Contrary to the editorial, Phillips is doing exactly what the citizens who voted for him want him to do — protect their quality of life and keep their taxes low by making sure any development he approves is right for our city and our residents and also does not negatively impact them financially.

It has been proved that development does not pay for itself, especially high-­density residential development, which creates far more expense for the city than any increase in income it may generate. Phillips knows that when this happens, either our taxes go up or our services go down — either way we lose. We are seeing some of that happen already.

Contrary to implications in the edito­rial, Phillips does rec­ognize property rights. He knows that proper­ty owners have the right to develop their property in accordance with the zoning that was on that property when they bought it, but also that a proper­ty owner does not have the right to do any­thing he wants with that property. This is the case with all the apartments be­ing approved by this City Council but being resisted by Councilmen Phillips and Bob Littlefield.

Granting property owners more intense uses on their property is not a right but a gift, and Phillips knows that that any gift to a property owner must not negatively impact our city and its residents financially, must not negativ­ely impact tourism that sustains our city, must not negatively impact our residents’ quality of life and must fit a long-term vision for our city. Zoning, ordinances and our General Plan exist to ensure any development is orderly and does not negatively impact either neighbors or the city as a whole.

Property rights are not violated in any way by insisting a property be developed to the rules that were in place when that property was acquired by its current owner. To imply they are is just wrong and to further imply that Phillips is denying anyone his rights because he refuses to grant them a gift by changing the zoning or intensity allowed on their property is just as wrong.

As one citizen who did support Phil­lips during his campaign, I can say he is doing everything I had hoped he would do. He knows what all these apartments and increases in height and density currently being granted are going to do to our city and its residents. He knows the congestion they generate destroys the quality of life we all moved here to enjoy and will also negatively impact tourism because people do not come here to see just another congested, overcrowded city, but rather to escape from that.

He makes his decisions based on sound facts and realities that most other council members seem to ignore. Unlike most other council members, Phillips represents the citizens of this city, not outsiders who want to profit off of Scottsdale’s success. That is what we wanted, and that is what we got.

Howard Myers is chairman of Keep Scottsdale Special and president of the Desert Property Owners Association in north Scottsdale.

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  1. Do you mind if I enrich myself at your expense?
    Zoning laws were created to protect all relative property values, not to transfer wealth from one property owner to another via subrogation of property rights.

  2. The Scottsdale Republic edito­rial criticizing Guy is proof that he is getting under the thin skin of the Scottsdale Republic even faster than I did after I was first elected to the City Council 11 years ago — good work Guy! The truth is that Guy is doing exactly what he promised the voters he would do while he was campaigning, which was stand up for Scottsdale residents against the monied special interests who control most of the Council members. Any real newspaper would praise Guy for staying true to his campaign promises, even if they disagreed with his positions.

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