200 Scottsdale Golf Courses Do NOT Receive Subsidies

Parker Leavitt┬áreported via AZCentral this morning about the Goldwater Institute’s demand letter to the Town of Gilbert regarding a town-owned recreational facility that competes against for-profit private recreational facilities.

Naturally, this could have huge impact on Scottsdale, which is widely praised for our taxpayer-owned recreational facilities and programs.

I also read a statistic this morning that Scottsdale has over 200 golf courses. That is hard to believe, but even if there are only half that number it contrasts greatly against two city-owned facilities that received a combined $20 million in taxpayer subsidy last year and this year: The TPC and McDowell Mountain Golf. I might add that private businesses profit handsomely from their management of those facilities: the PGA and Phil Mickelson are the operators.

I hope Goldwater will be as interested in golf welfare as they are in gymnasium competition.

Leavitt reported earlier this year on abuse of tax incentives in Gilbert.

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  1. I understand that the Scottsdale Chamber of Corporate Welfare has created a business development program that will help struggling millionaires increase their bottom lines.
    Perhaps Gilbert needs to hire a consultant?

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