Reactive City Planning

Also in last Saturday’s Scottsdale Republic (and also nowhere to be found on AZCentral), community advocate Lisa Haskell’s well-crafted letter to the editor:

Our Scottsdale City Council seems to be eager to add to the growing list of planned apartment communities. As a city, we often seem to be reactive rath­er than proactive. After we added too many bars to the downtown area, we reacted to the resulting negative con­sequences by adopting new ordinances we now seem to have issues enforcing.

We may want to consider the nega­tive implications of adding more resi­dents and vehicles to an area that doesn’t seem to have a well-thought­out plan for addressing the negative impacts of additional multifamily com­munities. We need to … have a plan in place to address these challenges be­fore we create a situation that will once again force us to be reactive. 

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