Happy Birthday Arizona

I was sad to receive the 366th “I Love Scottsdale” post from Lisa White today. What began as a post-every-day project for Arizona’s centennial year appears to be drawing to a close. Hopefully, Lisa will keep her blog up for everyone to see, and I’ll steal one of her posts now-and-again to republish here on ScottsdaleTrails. Please, take a few minutes to check out some of Lisa’s great photos.

Meanwhile, on our state’s 101st birthday, reflect on our past. Carved out of the New Mexico Territory in 1863 with a bill signed by President Abraham Lincoln, the Arizona Territory eventually became the 48th state of Arizona (and last of the contiguous states) on Valentine’s Day in 1912 . Even after the admission of Alaska, Arizona is still the 6th largest state.

The population at the time of statehood was about 300,000 people; slightly more than the present-day population of Scottsdale. Since then, Arizona has grown to be the most populous of the landlocked states at 6.5 million inhabitants…the 12th largest. The gross domestic product today is somewhat north of $250 billion. And yet, the federal government still owns 70% of the land!

Not bad for the state whose name is from the O’odham alĭ ṣonak: “Small spring”!

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