The Republic Is Missing The Mark: Urbanization And Property Values

Community advocate Mark Stuart had a great letter published in the Republic today. I’ve copied it here because you can’t get to it via the Republic’s AZCentral.

Why is The Arizona Republic so fo­cused on creating the news rather than reporting the news? Reporters for The Republic consistently bias their stories against Scottsdale City Council candi­dates not endorsed by the paper [Note: I believe most of this bias occurs in the editorial process, either in story assignments or editing the stories after the writers turn them in].

No can­didate in the election is opposed to eco­nomic growth. Unfortunately, The Re­public would have us believe that the homeowners coalition — Schaffner, Phil­lips and Phillips — don’t favor growth.

Urbanization is the major priority of our current City Council, as well as of the land developer coalition — Klapp, Korte and Luoma. Unfortunately, The Republic doesn’t focus on the ramifications of ur­banization: lower home values and a de­graded tourism industry. How will the current apartment­building binge in Scottsdale affect fu­ture home values? The Republic never discusses this, but it is a very real con­cern for homeowners.

Urbanization al­ways reduces home values in cities like ours. There is no exception to this out­come in recorded history in the U.S. Na­ry a word from The Republic about this very real issue.

Our current City Council has misman­aged our finances — so much so that we must borrow to fund projects normally funded out of reserves. Again, not a word from The Republic . Why?

Mark Stuart , Scottsdale

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