AZ Fall Hiking

It really is too bad that AZCentral instituted a paywall that makes it difficult for non-subscribers to view articles. I’m going to keep posting links to their articles because as much as I have a love-hate relationship with them, a) they post some pretty good work occasionally, and b) maybe as the paywall business model plays out they’ll turn it off and the links will provide references back to useful content.

So, on with this article…

There’s nothing like fall hikes in Arizona, except maybe for spring hikes in Arizona! The Republic’s Roger Naylor posted another great article on “Picturesque Hikes” in Tubac (southern AZ, Tubac websites: Chamber, City, Wiki), Tucson, and Kingman, and a closer trail in Wickenburg; with great photos, too!

Check out Roger Naylor’s Twitter feed: @RogerNaylor. I just did and discovered he has a new book out (published this spring) that sounds very interesting: Arizona Kicks on Route 66.

Peter Corbett (@PeterCorbett1) tweeted a photo from a local trail:

New Marcus Landslide trail in #Scottsdale preserve is off 128th St. 3 miles south of Dynamite.

I had no idea there was such a trail when I posted It’s a Landslide earlier this week! It looks to be a five-mile loop off the new Tom’s Thumb Trailhead. Maybe we will see an article on the trail from Peter soon.

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