Planning and Scheming

The Arizona Republic today published an article entitled, “City Planning Commission draws criticism.”

I’m grateful for the coverage of this issue, but I first published complaints about the Planning Commission months (if not years) ago, both on ScottsdaleTrails and on ScottsdaleCitizen. In particular, I call your attention to the article, “Planning Omission.”

I also note from the article

Mayor Jim Lane said he hasn’t heard any complaints about the commission or its decisions.

Talk about out-of-touch! I am astonished by his lack of awareness of these problems.

I also note the statement,

According to documents reviewed by The Scottsdale Republic, all commission members except Vice Chairman Ed Grant are involved in development, and many are involved in Scottsdale projects.

Is directly contradicted by:

Vice Chairman Ed Grant is senior economic development project manager for Salt River Project.

How is that not “…involved in development…”?

My final comment on this article relates to this statement,

Despite opposition from nearby residents, commissioners spoke highly of the request and D’Andrea even scolded those who complained.

D’Andrea has frequently ridiculed citizens attempting to testify to the Planning Commission. For that reason alone he is unfit to serve and should be removed.

I’d also point you to Laurie Roberts’ column from January of 2011 in regard to Jim Lane’s campaign consultant also working for the developer of the Blue Sky housing project that Lane voted to approve.

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