Bike Trail to Scottsdale

Many people visit Scottsdale. A lot of people ride bikes in Scottsdale. However, even though Scottsdale is a gold-certified “Bicycle Friendly Community,” not too many visitors ARRIVE here by bike!

This morning the Scottsdale residents who attended the Mayor and Council Breakfast at Indian School Park were treated to:

  • Good breakfast burritos and coffee catered by Kelly and Joe Garcia of Mulch Coffee in Old Town.
  • Good discussion of transportation issues and efforts by city staff to address them.
  • Inspiration in the form of four ladies who biked here from Key West on the way to San Francisco to promote safe bicycle routes across the country for, “fun, transportation, and health.”
Jeanie, Steph, Jane and Chelsea taking a break

Ride America for Safe Routes is a highly accomplished athletic team comprised of sisters Jeanie and Chelsea Ward-Waller, mom Dr. Jane Waller, and friend Stephanie Palmer. They especially want to emphasize safe routes for our children who walk or bike to school. By the time they got here, they’d logged over 4000 miles! They’ll be in Mesa for the Tour de Mesa activities today (and maybe tomorrow).

You can support the ladies’ efforts by e-signing the People for Bikes petition; and making a small contribution to their expenses and/or the League of American Bicyclists. Plus, enjoy the tales of their journey via their blog.

Most importantly, “Share the Road.” There’s plenty of room for all of us, whether we drive cars, operate motorcycles, ride bicycles, run, walk, or–especially in Scottsdale–ride horses.

Our “bike friendly” designation doesn’t always translate to basic courtesy or common sense, and there seem to be all-to-frequent conflicts of attitude between the different modes of transportation. Those lapses can be hazardous, and even fatal.

Earlier this week, several cyclists were seriously injured when an SUV ran into riding group in east Mesa. Several incidents in Scottsdale this spring have injured and killed pedestrians.

So, leave a little extra room and don’t be in such a hurry. Is it really worth the risk?

The most dangerous part of the journey for the ladies seeking safer routes is likely going to be Highway 60/93 from Phoenix through Kingman and to Las Vegas. At the very least, please send them an email and tell them “Thanks for stopping in Scottsdale!”

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