City Council Preview

The City Council meeting agenda for Tuesday night contains a few items of interest. The meeting starts at 5 p.m. and you can watch it on CityCable Cox Channel 11 or by streaming it through the city’s website.

  • Item 9 is a “text amendment” to the Zoning Code relating to definition of “open space.”
  • Item 13 relates to purchasing property adjacent to the Paiute Neighborhood Center using proceeds from the sale of the old Civic Center Neighborhood Center to Scottsdale Healthcare.
  • Item 16 will approve water and sewer rate modifications.
  • Item 20 is the next step in the seemingly unstoppable Desert Discovery Center, which marches on despite no clear mandate from the residents.
  • Item 21 seeks approval for “live entertainment” at the Spanish Fly Lounge, in spite of ongoing problems in the surrounding “Entertainment District.”
  • Item 22 is about the city’s budget and capital improvement plan for the next fiscal year.
  • Item 22a is entitled “General Plan Update Citizens Task Force.” This was added by Mayor Lane, Vice-Mayor Milhaven, Councilman McCullagh, and Councilman Robbins seemingly as a leapfrog over the last item, Number 23a.
  • Item 23 is nominations for citizen boards and commissions, including for one opening on the Development Review Board and two on the Planning Commission.
  • Item 23a is Councilman Bob Littlefield’s “Request to Considering Appointing a General Plan Update Citizens Task Force.”


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