Incentive Danger

Dr. Strangedale on Twitter

Thanks to Dr. Strangedale on Twitter for the heads up.

A story today about AT Security defrauding the State of Arizona out of relocation incentive money in the Arizona Republic online is a good illustration of why use of economic incentives can lead to big problems.

It doesn’t look like from the story that the City of Scottsdale was on the hook for any of the money. However, the $250,000 AT Security appears to have gotten from Governor Brewer could have been better spent in Scottsdale.

The Arizona Commerce Authority, Greater Phoenix Economic Council, and possibly some City of Scottsdale folks ran headfirst into a saguaro on this, and then fell backward into a teddy bear cholla.

I wonder who in Scottsdale’s Economic Vitality Department and on the City Council was involved in this process and didn’t do their homework on this deal.

We should focus on keeping Scottsdale a great place to enjoy living and working rather than bribing businesses to come here.

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