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Here’s yet another perspective on the importance of your vote today from the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale. For more specific information please see yesterday’s post, Scottsdale Votes.

Good morning, COGS E-Newsletter reader:   Please vote today  on the city issues.  If you didn’t mail your early ballot, mark your choices and be sure to SIGN THE FRONT OF YOUR ENVELOPE and you can deposit it at the precinct.  Your regular voting location may have changed for this smaller election.  Most precincts are in neighborhood school buildings.  Look for the signs there.

The Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS) hopes that you have taken the time to read and evaluate the ballot contents: Question 1 (Southwest Gas 2% plus 0.5% fee/tax increase for its customers) and the 7 charter amendments plus Proposition 430 regarding the proposed General Plan “update”.

COGS has repeatedly answered the following two questions:

  1. Is there really more time to draft the General Plan 2012? Yes, the State of Arizona has given all cities a couple more years to update their General Plan.
  2. What would happen if it didn’t pass in voting today?  The answer: The existing General Plan would continue in effect and the next couple of years would be used to revise those sections contested by residents.


Thank you for voting today.

For the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale Board of Directors, Sonnie Kirtley, Chair
cellular 602 717 3886 anytime     e-mail:


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