The Votes Are In

With all precincts reporting, Proposition 430 (Scottsdale General Plan changes):

Early ballots had a 12012/11497 split which equals 51.1% FOR / 49% AGAINST.

Ballots cast today: (12276-12012)/(12663-11497)=264/1166=18% FOR / 82% AGAINST.

As of right now (with final results to be posted Friday) Proposition 430 was defeated by 387 votes!

Obviously there are provisional, etc., ballots left to count, but hopefully they will go our way, too. If we lose on Prop 430, it’s only because we just didn’t get the word out soon enough and because of the Republic’s lack of coverage of the campaign disclosure issue. Chalk one up for the Chamber on timeliness.

I’m a little bewildered by the results on Question 1 (Southwest Gas franchise) and the City Charter propositions, though. Looks like they will all pass handily. I and others believe that precinct-by-precinct results will show some disparity on these issues between north, middle, and south Scottsdale precincts.

Check the Maricopa County Recorders election results webpage for all county elections.

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