Scottsdale’s Bikeways

Scottsdale Bikeways

I took a hazard-finding bike ride with Reed Kempton and Susan Conklu of the Transportation Department this week. Reed and Susan are the bikeway experts on city staff, and they both ride a lot.

In many cities, bikeways are frequently neglected by planners working on roadways and other big projects. Thanks to Reed, Susan, and others before them, Scottsdale does a better job than most cities in this regard. This attention to detail earned Scottsdale a Gold-Level “Bike Friendly Community” recognition, but it’s always a work-in-progress.

Susan is the go-to lady if you have suggestions for improving our bikeways or concerns about hazardous situations that the city can fix, like pavement heaves or encroaching vegetation. Ideas or suggestions about new bikeway connections are welcome, too. You’d be surprised at the projects that are underway or planned for the near future!

Check out the city’s “Bikeways” web page for more information, links, and contact info. Scottsdale’s website also has a page of Alternative Transportation links and information, too.

Of course, our Take a Hike page on ScottsdaleTrails lists many other great ideas for riding. Get some miles in before it gets hot!


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