Cape Daisies

Mexican Poppies | Howard Myers photo

Howard Myers sent out a batch of springtime photos over the weekend and I wanted to share some with you. These are Mexican Gold Poppies, aka California Poppies. Howard says

The white ones in some of the pictures are also poppies and there are various theories about how they got there. I have seen some other hybrid pink poppies, probably a cross between the white and yellow.

Now I don’t know the difference between a Mexican Poppy and a California Poppy [links are to Wikipedia articles] but I find the recitation of the medicinal uses of the Mexican poppy very interesting.

One of my favorite Arizona springtime wildflowers is the Cape Daisy, also known variously as the South African Daisy or Cape Marigold [read more at].

Cape Daisy | EJ Peiker

The Cape Daisy is not native to Arizona. Most of our native wildflowers are much more subtle, but the Cape Daisy is such a happy little flower, how could you not like it? There are many color variations.

Most of the Cape Daisies we seen in the lawns and street medians around Old Town are the orange variety. They really add a splash of color in the spring.

Cape Daisies, Old Town Scottsdale
Horned Owl | Howard Myers photo
Spring Sunset in the Sonoran | Howard Myers photo

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