Activist v Advocate, Correction and Clarification

Yesterday I posted an article critical of Scottsdale Republic editor Robert Leger for his commentary on some of the ongoing drama of the Fountain Hills recall election. I stand corrected on the issue of whether he is related to one of those being recalled.

Frankly, I haven’t followed the recall issue very much. It wasn’t my intention to disparage Mr. Ryans or his efforts, nor to take the side of those who initiated the recall. I don’t know any of the personalities that are involved in this, save for Robert Leger. If it wasn’t clear, my issue is with Robert Leger and his rather biased editorializing on Scottsdale issues.

For example, Editor Leger has rarely been critical of the Scottsdale “establishment” (Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, et. al.) for some of the exact same behaviors he vehemently condemns in the Fountain Hills recall. On the flip side, he has frequently been dismissive and/or critical of Scottsdale residents who have for years been fighting battles like Mr. Ryans.

I realize that it is somewhat the function of editorializing to express bias. However, there is a lot of irony in Robert Leger’s seemingly contradictory position with regard to Scottsdale residents who have worked so hard to protect our quality of life and cost of living.

That doesn’t diminish Mr. Ryans’ efforts, and it isn’t intended to do so. If anything, perhaps Ryans has provided us with an example that if we can’t fix the problems within our respective cities’ political processes, we should take up the issues with a higher authority. It’s a shame it has to be done that way, but there it is.

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