Orange Table

Orange Table Coffeehouse

I needed to set up a meeting near City Hall recently and wanted to keep it within walking distance. I remembered the Orange Table, at south end of Scottsdale Civic Center Mall beside the Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts.

I thought I might grab a bite while waiting for the other guy to show up. The server saved me some menu scanning by suggesting their breakfast sandwich with prosciutto and Swiss cheese on sourdough.

Being from the land of country ham (real country-cured ham has a bite to it), I’ve found that prosciutto is about as close as you can get around here. So, I “bit” and ordered the breakfast sandwich.

It was great. Not so salty that it makes you pucker like real country ham, but just enough to bring out the flavor of the Swiss cheese, and compete successfully with the sourdough.

I washed it down with the Orange Table’s Mexican chocolate latte. Good stuff!

The Orange Table is a hidden gem that’s worth a little digging to find, especially if you have business to do in the vicinity of City Hall.

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