Council Preview

Tuesday night’s Scottsdale City Council meetings start with a special meeting at 3:30 p.m. for judicial appointments.

The regular meeting agenda starts at 5:30 and has a number of serious issues up for discussion.

Item 9.  BlueSky Development Review Board Application (62-DR-2011). This project was approved under the City’s highly controversial “Downtown Infill Incentive District” zoning standards.

Item 10. Citizen Petitions Requesting the Termination of the 2003 Galleria Parking Agreement and a Discussion of Nighttime, Daytime and Valet Parking. This is a request from a downtown property owner for the city to make more parking available for businesses that are suffering from the city’s seemingly pathological need to overlook parking requirements.

Item 11. SkySong Ground Lease Amendment. ASU Foundation wants to renegotiate their 200-year “lease” (which is funny terminology because they haven’t paid the city anything) on this city-owned property.

Item 12. 74th  Street and Culver Street Land Sale Agreement. Yet another no-bid sale of City property to a favored developer under the “adjoining property owner” loophole in the City’s “Procurement Code.”

See also the COGS Update for more information on these agenda items.

You can watch the meetings live on Cox CityCable Channel 11 (Scottsdale subscribers) or on the City’s Channel 11 website. Or come on down and fill out a card to give the City Council a piece of your mind!

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