My wife works for a big non-profit medical system that has a world-class reputation. However, sometimes the bureaucracy can be annoying, as many of us have experienced. City Hall, state government, endless fiefdoms of federal government, and forget about the Defense Department.

She posted a cartoon this morning that I just had to share. Apologies to the artist for the modification and for lack of credit. Let me know if you recognize it.

And A Great Way To Meet New Friends

I guess I should also add that if you don’t feel like socializing you can watch City Council meetings on Cox CityCable Channel 11. Stay home and drink tequila on the couch, and you don’t have to worry about a DUI or whether our public intoxication laws are constitutional. The meetings are also a great sleep aid.

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  1. I have been informed that Scottsdale has three days to create a new public drunkenness ordinance and submit it to the state Legislature or we will have to wait until next Legislative session.

    Now don’t you think it would have been less costly and frustrating for our City Attorney Bruce Washburn and the head of Planning, Neighborhoods and Transportation, Connie Padian, to have taken on the review of Liquor License ordinances and policies, last July when the Omnibus Liquor Bill passed by the Legislature went into effect? When asked Padian consulted Washburn and they both said, “No. No review needed.”

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