Zulu Caffe Grand Opening

It’s been a long time coming, but you can finally get a meal and a cup of coffee in the terminal building at one of the best small airports in the country.

Dee Dee Maza and Vicki Beaudoin of Ciao Baby Catering bring their considerable experience to Scottsdale’s newest restaurant, Zulu Caffe (“Zulu” is the aviation phonetic letter “Z”). They’ve been busy remodeling and now it is time for the grand opening ceremony, Monday, January 16th [this is a correction] at 10 a.m.

Four restaurants have preceded them in this space, but the ladies bring new enthusiasm and perspective to their version. We wish them well (and we’ll be frequent customers!)

You can read more about them and their venture in a recent AZC article, and check out their Ciao Baby website. The Zulu Caffe website appears to be under construction, but may be done by the time you read this so check it out:http://www.zulucaffe.com/

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