Christmas Chicks

No, this is not about Spandex-clad holiday revelers at the Spanish Fly night club. It’s about these cuties:

Ameraucana Chicks

It seems the wife of a certain city council candidate was inspired by recent political developments to exercise her longtime “special interest” in urban poultry farming. She acquired two Ameraucana ‘chicken littles’ to rear for fresh eggs and enjoyment. Ameraucanas are also called “Easter Egg Chickens” because they lay eggs with blue shells.

You can read more about urban poultry via links in our previous article on the Phoenix Tour de Coop.

In case you are wondering, the cute little chicks are named “Denise” and “Robin.” I held Denise for a while, but she pooped on me. Very uncivil.

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  1. Love the satire! Love these columns! I’m wondering what might be an animal representation for a few other members of council? What are those mule-like animals called again?

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