Holidays, Arggghhh.

Talk Like a Pirate Day

For some reason my wife thinks it’s hilarious that I can arch one eyebrow and say, “Argggghhhhh” convincingly. Naturally, she makes me dress like a pirate for Halloween (in dreadlocks, a Captain Jack Sparrow hat, and a T-shirt that says, “I’m a Pirate”). She really gets into International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th) and pirate jokes like, “Why couldn’t the little kid go to the pirate movie? Because it was rated Arrgggghhhh.”

Given those predilections and my mild annoyance with the holidays, I was somewhat amused to run across a story on the Wired website about pirate Christmas carol lyrics.

There’s even a Pirate Santa Christmas book! HO, HO, ARRGGGGHHH!

I took a moment (well, actually quite a long time…needed to do some procrastinating) to scour the vast sea of videos on YouTube for some Pirate Christmas performances. Here are a few of the better ones.

Courtesy of Nancy Cantor

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  1. Finally someone else with good sense……Spending money we do not have to buy things from our capitalist friends to give to people we hardly ever see …then the gifts show up in a yard sale next spring. Or in the case of the fruitcake, we know there is only one fruitcake that makes the rounds from house to house….take John and me out of the rotation…Agrhhhhhhhh!!

  2. Now I know why all the crazy pirate songs/sounds were coming out of your office. I thought you were taking a pirate training course or something??? Too funny. Pirates ROCK!

  3. John, ye scurvy scallawag, you’ll be a-needin’ to take a gander at Arizona Science Museum’s current exhibit o’ “Real Pirate” treasures & history. Aaarghhhhh.

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