Scottsdale Utilities

I have had several discussions lately with Scottsdale residents concerned about their high water bills, and rate hikes for natural gas. The City of Scottsdale is planning public meetings for January about rate setting for water and sewer service.

Of course, we’ve all heard about the controversy involving Arizona American Water Company, which services parts of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. They were not for sale, then they were, now they are not…hmmmm.

Southwest Gas has a franchise agreement renewal on Scottsdale’s March ballot…along with the controversial General Plan Update which looks to be headed for monumental defeat.

There may be a connection between increasing the cost to the taxpayers of water and sewer service, and the natural gas rate hike. I don’t have anything definitive at this time, but it’s something I’m investigating.

If you have insight on these issues, I’d love to hear from you to discuss them further.

Public utilities like water, natural gas, sewer, and electricity are the second greatest responsibility of local government, behind only public safety. These services should be priced fairly.

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