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Sometimes I get so caught up in the outrage-of-the-moment (and there are so many these days in Scottsdale) that I forget that our main mission here is connecting residents to each other, to the community, and to the natural beauty of our surroundings. I was scouring for something in my inbox this morning and ran across an email from a couple of months ago with a couple of images attached I never got around to posting.

Take a look at a couple of beautiful images of our very own Marg Nelssen from photographer Robert Dawson. And, while you are at it, browse through Robert’s website. You’ll be amazed.

Counting Blessings | Robert Dawson
Taking My Time | Robert Dawson

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  1. Beautiful images that evoke peace and solitude in a place that I remember fondly of my youth here in Scottsdale and the great Southwest
    “Returning the work animal back to the Remuda”

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