Council Recap

The meeting video from last night is now posted.

In addition to my early comments via our Council Preview, you can view my televised comments at the time indexes below.

00:05:00 Public Comment on my petition to abolish the City Council Audit Committee, related to their whitewash review of the Cultural Council contract compliance audit.

00:12:00 Vice Mayor Milhaven expressed concern on the Charter Officer employment contracts and salary increases, but the item was approved without further comment from the Council.

00:14:00 Labeula’s House, Maricopa Association of Governments, Baseball Festival, Charter Office employment contracts, deed restrictions on Mark-Taylor properties.

00:34:00 Stingray Sushi and Geisha a Go Go outdoor patio expansion and parking elimination. Council member Borowsky made a great suggestion to continue these items for more discussion at a later date. Unfortunately, she could not get a second and the items passed.

01:23:30 Mayor Lane’s littering ordinance. SPD Assistant Chief Cocca gave statistics of 215 arrests year-to-date, with 86 in the Downtown area, 129 elsewhere. I love the rhetoric: “Litter Free Zone.”

01:54:00 Board and Commission nominations.

02:10:30 Mayor Lane reads my petition on the Audit Committee. Unfortunately, there was no action taken by the Council.

UPDATE: AZC articles on the littering ordinance, the Preserve land purchase, charter officer contracts and my petition to abolish the Audit Committee of the City Council are posted now.

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