Veteran’s Day

As you may know, I’ve been working to document a little of the oral history of the First Air Commando Group in Burma in WWII. My friend Charles Poston was a member of that group, flying P-47 Thunderbolt fighters against the Japanese.

Lindsey Reiser with Channel 5 did a nice Veteran’s Day piece on Charles. You can see it on the Channel 5 website.

If you know a veteran and especially if you have one in the family, take a moment to thank him or her and ask them to tell you about their service. Don’t be afraid to say ‘thank you’ to someone in uniform. Even just going out of your way to say ‘hello’ is gratifying.

Vietnam Service Ribbon

Look for the Vietnam service ribbon lapel pin or back window sticker. The name of a Navy ship or an aircraft designation on a ball cap. Anyone who quietly displays those symbols will be glad you asked.

Time passes and the stories fade. Eventually, those stories are reduced to what we can read in history books. It can never replace hearing them first-hand.

WWII veterans are fading away at the rate of almost a thousand every day. Take a moment to say hello and hear a story from someone who was there.

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  1. Being a Air Force brat (Williams AFB, Mesa, Az) & always growing up with the love of the Military ~ the service & commitment that the men and woman put forth for our country EVERYDAY is overwhelming with emotions that these people keep us safe from harm. My love and gratitude goes out to you forever!

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