After the Meeting

Tonight was one of the shortest City Council meetings I can remember. I won’t comment on most of it, but I made a public comment at the beginning, and there were a couple of interesting developments in Mayor and Council items at the end. I’ll post a link to the meeting video as an update to this post when it becomes available. [UPDATE, video now up on the city’s website, my comment at 00:11, Lisa Borowsky’s discussion of Zocallo at 00:20, followed by Littlefield’s initiative to join SUSD in opposing the IRC’s splitting off of South Scottsdale]

Until then…

Councilwoman Lisa Borowsky

Lisa Borowsky proposed reconsidering the approval decision on the Zocallo apartment project in the Airpark. Naturally, only Littlefield supported her. The rest have cemented their opposition to protecting the Airport. It will be interesting to see how this plays for them once FAA headquarters responds to my request for determination on the federal airport improvement grant assurance violations. Clearly Lisa understands that city staff wasn’t permitted to do their homework on this issue.

Then Littlefield proposed that the City join with the Scottsdale School District in opposing the proposed redistricting map that cuts off South Scottsdale from the rest of the City. Jim Lane has already gone on record as saying he’s OK with having South Scottsdale cut off…but only Lane and Klapp unwisely opposed Littlefield’s motion. You can learn more in our earlier post about the redistricting issue.

City Councilman Bob Littlefield


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