Old School Barbers

Scottsdale Barber Shop

There’s nothing like an old-school barber. The sound of the clippers, the feel of the barber chair, and the smell of Clubman’s talcum all leave you feeling fresh when you walk out with your hair a little shorter. A fresh haircut is a great way to start the day.

For many years I’ve been getting my hair cut at Scottsdale Barbershop on Indian School just east of Marshall Way. Raffail is my guy. Occasionally, one of the other barbers cuts my hair if for some reason Raffail isn’t there. They are all good…and they should be because all but one of the others is related to Raffail. It’s truly a “family affair!”

Wife Rosa has been doing it almost as long as Raffail. Next chair is daughter Marina. She’s worked in women’s salons, too, and can easily switch from traditional barbering to ladies’ hair. My 7-year-old daughter gets many compliments from Marina’s easy-care styling.

Mike is the only non-relative, but also good and also old-school. Raffail and Rosa’s son Arsen is in the back chair. He’s very popular with the twenty-something crowd and is up on the latest styles.

Before you walk out, make sure you check out the Western mural above the front door.


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  1. Like John mentions, our daughter loves to have Marina cut her hair. I’ve only taken her once and it was so much fun. I enjoyed watching all the people and listening to the different conversations. When John comes back from the barber he smells like a million bucks, they use some hunky aftershave… you can’t get that in a salon!

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