Tequila Dreams

If you don’t know that there are hundreds of brands (over 900 to be more precise) and varieties of Tequila, you aren’t from Scottsdale. I’m not an expert on adult beverages, but having grown up just down the road a piece from where Lem Motlow’s little company distills whiskey that doesn’t taste like dirt or corn (but it’s in a dry county so you can’t sell or drink it there), I have a passing interest in the subject.

There are a few places in Scottsdale where you can sample from dozens of Tequilas. This story about the Tequila Queen at the Princess resort that popped up on the ScottsdaleTrails sidebar caught my eye and I thought I’d post on it just for fun.

My favorite Tequila? There’s this little restaurant shack on a jungle-covered island in the middle of a lake, right beside the Pacific Ocean about halfway down the coast. A friend took me there, and being acquainted with the proprietor he asked for, “the good stuff,” which was retrieved from the jungle and dispensed out of a red 5-gallon gas can. Smoooooooth.

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  1. If I remember correctly, the liquid glory in the 5-gallon gas can was called Mexican moonshine or raicilla (rye-see-yah). It was more than smoooooth. It was heaven!

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